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Introducing Supplyline ...the future in online ordering

supplyline is a hosted online ordering system available to licensed venues to help them to;

  Reduce costs
  Increase efficiencies
  Increase compliance with supplier arrangements
  Reduce internal processes (eg. data entry / invoice matching)

What is Supplyline?

Clubconnect Supplyline is the best opportunity to keep savings in your organisation.


Because we let you use a hosted online application to manage procurement processes and eliminate rogue off-contract purchasing.

You order the way you always have only better , with a fully automated system that lets you get the right item, at the right price, from the right supplier.

Why is it critical?

With Clubconnect Supplyline you can find cost-effective, reliable sources.

You can manage all approval processes or purchase requirements.

You can change the buying habits of your employees to reduce rogue spending.

Everyone in the company keeps company savings.

Clubconnect Supplyline is;

  Bring suppliers online quickly. Clubconnect obtains and maintains up-to- date supplier content for you.
  Eliminate rogue spending by controlling how much any employee can buy and from whom.
  Rapidly adopt this system with minimal training.
00Worry free
  Forget about software and supplier integration. As a hosted solution, it's our problem not yours.
  Clubconnect can interact with suppliers by cXML, EDI, email, fax, or web browser and can easily intergrate with your ERP or Accounts Payable systems. Employees can buy from a Clubconnect catalogue, go out to a supplier site, or auto fax a supplier.

How does it work?

Why your venue should use supplyline for your orders

1. Cost Reduction: Every Dollar saved in procurement goes directly to profit margin

2. Price Reduction: On-line sourcing eliminates the middle mess, allowing suppliers to bid more competitively

3. Time Reduction: Average purchase and fulfillment cycle times are reduced drastically

4. Control Purchasing: No longer can employees buy from who they want to.

5. Build Volume Discounts:
Allows venue to build volume with nominated suppliers resulting in better discounts




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