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Friends stabbed minutes after leaving hotel
By Kara Lawrence and Lauren Williams - Daily Telegraph (NSW Metropolitan, 3 February 2009)

TWO men stabbed to death at Bankstown on Sunday night may have been attacked for their poker machine winnings.

The pair won $2500 playing the pokies at the Oscar Hotel.

But just four minutes after leaving the Bankstown hotel they were attacked by four men and left with multiple stab wounds and bleeding heavily.

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Both men died on their way to hospital after the vicious attack at 9.20pm on Sunday.

Why carry weapons, asks grieving dad

Brian Huynh's family did not know about the murders until yesterday morning.

Father Kim Huynh heard early reports of a 28-year-old stabbed to death in Bankstown.

Moments later his daughter phoned him to say police had arrived at their family home.

"I knew before she told me, it was him," Mr Huynh told The Daily Telegraph.

Mr Huynh's grieving family and Bankstown detectives are now seeking answers to the senseless stabbing on Chapel Rd, for which police have yet to uncover a motive.

Robbery over the pokie win has not been ruled out as a motive, but made less likely considering the victims still had the winnings on them.

Mr Huynh, 28, and his mate, a 30-year-old Bankstown man of Vietnamese background whose family police are trying to locate, struggled back into the hotel after the attack occurred, one of them collapsing.

Earlier, they had spent several hours at the hotel drinking mostly water.

The bar's operations manager John Thomas said the pair left the hotel shortly after collecting their pokies payout.

They were attacked by the group of men who approached from adjoining Greenfield Pde.

Both victims received stab wounds to the chest, abdomen and back.

Mr Huynh's parents said they last saw their son, who worked for Boeing at Bankstown airport, on Saturday.

"He was a good worker, he was a good son," his mother Mai said.

"It is very sudden. We just don't understand what's happened. Maybe he had some bad friends, maybe not. Maybe he didn't know these people, we just don't know."

Detective Inspector Ian Pryde labelled the assaults as a "callous and vicious attack".

"It was very quick, it was a melee that escalated (and) it was all over within minutes."

Police are reviewing a large amount of CCTV footage to identify the four attackers, described as being of South East Asian appearance and aged between 16 and 25. | End

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